Our Mission and Targets

BIOSA is a voluntary association of land owners who have agreed to dedicate a selected area of their lands either for cultural landscape research, scientific projects or the development of a new form of dynamic conservation.

In December 1994 a group of landowners founded BIOSA in Graz and decided on the following mission:

Our Mission

Be involved in education and arousal of public awareness
Imlement a new form of conversation
Organise and coordinate scientfic projects
Structure the integration of landowners in dynamic ecology
Active contribution to the protection of biological diversity

There are many concepts for protecting nature - but only BIOSA has the voluntarily donated areas to transform these ideas into actions. We can guaranty our sponsors' conflict free projects.

Our Targets

Become an instrument indeveloping a practical form of conservation
Inspire landowners to work ecologically
Overcome ecological conficts by forming new partnerships
Seek new sponsors and members to support our projects
Acceptance of biotope management and biodiversity in forestry and agriculture