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projekte2projekte3BIOSA has many years experience in voluntary contract ecology. The basic idea is that owners, who have shown their great responsibility in the management of their estates, are reliable partners for ecological projects.

BIOSA is also involved in educational, public information and eco-sponsoring projects.

Contract conservation

Many landowners consider contract ecology a preferable alternative to governmentally enforced ecology. The owners can protect valuable biotopes through the ecological platform of BIOSA voluntarily and in many cases with remuneration.

Streams, lakes and ponds, moors, wet-lands, dry pastures, hedgerows, alpine grazing, woodlands, caves, forest verges and orchards are just some of the biotopes offered to BIOSA. Together with the owner and scientists, BIOSA develops an individual project for each biotope. This can be either an eco-management project or one involving scientific research.

Following this a contract is drawn up, in which the involvement and activities of the owner in the project are defined.

BIOSA cares for 3000 hectares of contracted conservation areas.



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